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Amy McDonough (Church)

Amy McDonough (Church) came to Vermont and was the first to study alluvial fans here. Her work catalyzed several subsequent studies and demonstrated the importance of human landscape change in controlling fan sedimentation rate.
MS Thesis (University of Vermont, 1997)
MS thesis Fan deposits in northwestern Vermont: Depositional activity and aggradation rates over the last 9,500 years
MS thesis (download pdf )
Vermont Alluvial Fans
Honors and Awards
Geological Society of America, Howard Award, 1995
Undergraduate Degree
Miami University (Ohio), B.A. Geology, 1993
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Tighe & Bond, Inc. web site
Email Address
Current Position and Contact Information (4/2008)
Senior Hydrogeologist
Tighe & Bond, Inc.
53 Southampton Road
Westfield, MA 01085
First-Authored, Meeting Abstracts Based on UVM Research

Church, T.M., and Bierman, P., 1995, Episodic fan aggradation in the Winooski drainage basin, northwestern Vermont: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 27, p. A-36. (download pdf)

Church, A., and Bierman, P.R., 1994, Post-glacial landscape change in northern Vermont: Erosion and sedimentation in the Winooski Basin: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 26, p. A-301. (download pdf)
Junior-Authored, Refereed Publications Based on UVM Research

Bierman, P., Lini, A., Davis, P.T., Southon, J., Baldwin, L., Church, A. and Zehfuss, P., 1997, Post-glacial ponds and alluvial fans: Recorders of Holocene landscape history. GSA Today, 7 (10) p. 1-8. (download pdf)

Clapp, E., Bierman, P., Church, A. B., Larsen, P. L., Schuck, R. A. and Hanzas, J. P., 1996, Teaching Geohydrology through analysis of groundwater resources and glacial geology, northwestern Vermont. Journal of Geoscience Education. 44, 45-51. (download pdf)
Other Meeting Abstracts Based on UVM Research

Baldwin, L., Bierman, P., Schwartz, A., Church, A., and Larsen, P., 1995, The effects of colonial disturbance and subsequent reforestation on the Vermont landscape: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 27, p. 28. (download pdf)

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