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NSF/UVM Community Cosmogenic Facility (CCF)

UVM Geomorphology & Cosmogenic Collaborators

Collaborating scientists are critical to the completion of many projects. These people provide expertise in analytical methods, field areas, geoscience education, and geologic history as well as data interpretation. Many work with us to collect samples, reduce data, write papers, and evaluate projects.

Greg Balco - University of Washington
Jason Briner - SUNY Buffalo
Bud Burke - Humboldt State University
Marc Caffee - PRIME LAB
Al (Eugene) Cassell - University of Vermont
Doug Clark - Western Washington University
Patrick Colgan - Grand Valley State University
Ronadh Cox - Williams College
P. Thompson Davis - Bentley College
David Dethier - Williams College
Mandar Dewoolkar - University of Vermont
Greg Druschel - University of Vermont
Chris Duncan - GISmatters
Tom Dunne - UC Santa Barbara
David Elmore - Purdue University
Yehouda Enzel - Hebrew University
Derek Fabel - University of Glasgow
Robert Finkel - Livermore National Laboratory
Allen Gellis - USGS
Alan Gillespie - University of Washington
Basil Gomez - Indiana State University
Arjun Heimsath - Arizona State University
Jens Hilke - State of Vermont Fish and WIldlife Department
Abby Hood - Oliverian School
Mark Johnsson - California Coastal Commission
Tim Jull - University of Arizona
Scott Kuehner - University of Washington
Ted Lefroy - University of Tasmania
Nat Lifton - University of Arizona
Andrea Lini - University of Vermont
Laura Mallard-Seldomridge - Appalachian State University
Cathyrn Manduca - Carleton College
Christine Massey - University of Vermont
Ari Matmon - Hebrew University
David Mickelson - University of Wisconsin-Madison
David Montgomery - University of Washington
Tom Neumann - University of Vermont
Kyle Nichols - Skidmore College
Carrie Patterson - Minnesota Geological Survey
Milan Pavich - US Geological Survey
Giuseppe Petrucci - University of Vermont
Donna Rizzo - University of Vermont
Liz Safran - Lewis and Clark College
Paul Schroeder - University of Georgia
John Southon - University of California, Irvine
Scott Southworth - U.S. Geological Survey National Center
Ray Spear - SUNY Geneseo
Eric Steig - University of Washington
Byron Stone - US Geological Survey
John Stone - University of Washington
Beverley Wemple - University of Vermont
Kelin Whipple - Arizona State University
Stephen Wright - University of Vermont
Wesley Wright - University of Vermont
E-an Zen - University of Maryland & USGS

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