University of Vermont

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Professional Nursing Clinical Opportunities

Undergraduate Nursing

The profession of nursing has as its foundation nursing theory and evidence based practice. In addition to classroom instruction, students are provided with clinical opportunities in a variety of health care settings. Clinical preparation begins during the second semester sophomore year. Junior year students begin applying skills in direct care settings. Each semester following builds and further develops requisite essential nursing interventions in acute care settings. Community and Public Health clinical sites are also used to expand care to communities and aggregate populations during the senior year.

Students engage in approximately 594 hours of direct supervision clinical instruction. Clinical faculty are selected based upon area of expertise, commitment to nursing education, and desire to provide clinical opportunites for our students. Many clinical faculty also hold full or part time positions within local health care agencies and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the student's clinical learning.

In addition, another 126 hours of clinical practice is required during the spring semester senior year. Students select from a wide variety of clinical agencies and specialty care units to complete the Senior Practicum, a capstone clinical experience. Seasoned registered nurses from those agencies work closely with the students to ensure a positive learning environment in a more independent manner.

Graduate Nursing

The Nurse Practitioner Practice Group provides additional clinical opportunities for graduate nursing students.

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