Supportive Classroom Curriculum $ 25.00

The Supportive Classroom Curriculum contains 9 chapters describing each component of the model, sample teaching strategies and examples. It also includes Chapters on Collaborative Teaming, Positive Behavior Support Planning and Activity Inclusion Planning.

Supportive Classroom Curriculum Video $ 8.00

The video is 13 minutes long and provides an overview of the model from the perspective of Vermont teachers and students. Great for presentations to school boards, parent groups and school faculty.

Supportive Classroom Curriculum and Video $ 30.00

Shipping and Handling Charges are included in the price.

Make check or purchase order to The University of Vermont (UVM) and send to:

Ms. Suzanne Paquette
The Center on Disability & Community Inclusion
101 Cherry Street, Suite 450
Burlington, Vermont 05401-4439