The student Success Plan supports the inclusion of all students in general education classes and activities. As previously described, the success plan lists each student’s strengths, interests, family concerns, priority skills upon which to focus instruction and supports needed for success. The instructional team can use the plans to obtain an overall picture of the strengths and needs of the class as a whole, which is extremely helpful when designing learning activities. For example, if it is known that three students need supports with reading, when reading is required during an activity you can plan accordingly. As activities are developed to address students’ strengths and needs more students will be successful.
Some students will require very systematic and detailed planning to be successfully included in class activities. Students who have substantial needs should have some form of an Activity Inclusion Plan to insure that everyone knows how to support them. Activity inclusion plans are mini-lesson plans which summarize the skills the student will learn and/or practice during an activity, required academic and social supports, individualized materials and the person responsible for implementing the plan. A student may need an activity inclusion plan for a single activity, a few activities, or every activity across the school day. As the school year progresses, the student’s plans should be up-dated to reflect changes in activities, location of activities, persons responsible, and skills addressed.

When developing an activity inclusion plan, the teacher of the activity should be involved in the planning process. For example, if the team is discussing a plan for art class, the art teacher should be at the meeting and involved in developing the plan. Typically students who require extensive planning have significant learning or behavioral challenges and are eligible for special education. The IEP team for students in special education should be involved in the development of their activity inclusion plans.

The Supportive Classroom curriculum includes a process, forms and procedures for developing activity inclusion plans for those students who need them to be successful.