PART I: Overviews
Introduction: Redefining the Possible, Thomas Streeter 2
How the Internet Taught Me that You Have the Power, Interview with Howard Dean 15
Theories: Technology, the Grassroots, and Network Generativity, Thomas Streeter and Zephyr Teachout 23

PART II: Stories of the Campaign
How a Blogger and the Dean Campaign Discovered Each Other, Jerome Armstrong 39
Something Much Bigger Than a Candidate, Zephyr Teachout 55
Swept up in “The Perfect Storm,” Bobby Clark 74
A Coder Becomes a Political Activist, Aldon Hynes 86
Blogging for America, Mathew Gross 100
The Meetup Story, Michael Silberman 110
Experiences of a Grassroots Activist, Pam Paul 130
The Lessons of Generation Dean, Amanda Michel 147
Fund-raising: Hitting Home Runs On and Off the Internet, Larry Biddle 166
A Web Activist Finds Dean, Nicco Mele 179
E-mail: Sign Your Own Name, Kelly Nuxoll 192
Participatory Political Culture: Everyone’s a Kingpin If He or She Wants to Be, Josh Koenig 201 
An Organizer’s View of the Internet Campaign, Zack Exley 212
After New Hampshire, Kelly Nuxoll 220

PART III: Reflections
 18 From Media Politics to Networked Politics: The Internet and the Political Process, Araba Sey and Manuel Castells 225
The Legacies of Dean’s Internet Campaign, Zephyr Teachout and Thomas Streeter 233

Index 244