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Fundamental Statistics for the
Behavioral Sciences  

8th edition 

David C. Howell


Errata for the 8th edition

This is an ongoing listing of errors in the 8th edition. If you find any more, please let me know. I am setting this page up before the book is actually published, so I can begin by claiming that there are no errors. Unfortunately that claim will probably not last long.


The Text

Page Line Correction
5 3rd paragraph Between the time of final proofreading and when the book came out, the reference to an online version of the Mann-Jones paper went out of date. But the paper was published as Mann-Jones, J, and Ettinger, R.H. (2004) Dextromethorphan modulation of context-dependent morphine tolerance. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology. 12, 417-421. It is available at
13 Near bottom The link for LazStats is http//
43 Figure 3.3 I included the wrong figure. The one you want can be found at Revised page 43. John Woodard and his students at Wayne State pointed out this error and the next one.
51 Section 3.5 The reference should be to Figure 3.4, not Figure 3.5.
181 Section 8.43 A foolish error--Change question number 9 to "What is a Type I error." Thanks to Carolyn Holmes at Trent University.
209 Figure 9.10 When the top table was typeset, the minus signs in the correlations came out as "2". So when you see a leading "2", read it as "-". (But the first correlation of 0.371 should be "-0.371." Go figure.) The correct table is available at correlations.png. This error was pointed out by Professor Patricia Rutledge at Allegheny College.
370 Exercise 14.19 Carolyn Holmes at Trent University also pointed out two errors in that question. I gave the standard deviation (1.66) of the second group twice, when there was no need to. I also forgot to give the sample size of the second group, which is also 41. I don't have the raw data in front of me, but assume that for males the sample sizes were the same as in 14.18, which were 19 and 29. (I need to rethink that question for the next edition.)


Data Sets

There will be a self-extracting archive of all of the data found in Simply click on this link and tell the resulting dialog box where you want to store the download--the desktop is fine. After the file is downloaded, click on the downloaded file and indicate where you want the data files to be stored. Once the data are extracted, you can safely delete the archive file itself.


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