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Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Vermont, USA

This web archive or "cyberary" explores the causes of conflicts involving environmental concerns, without presuming that environmental disputes are necessarily a cause of conflict -- indeed they may be a part of the solution to wider regional conflicts. The emerging field of environmental conflict resolution has its roots in various disciplines such as political science, economic game theory, systems analysis, sociology and anthropology.

The idea for this cyberary emerged from a seminar on environmental conflict resolution which I taught at the Watson Institute of Brown University .The first set of postings comes from papers submitted as part of that seminar. I have subsequently expanded this cybrary to include some of my own working papers and publications as well as those of my students that merit international online circulation.


Jewels of Responsibility from Mines to Markets: A comparative study of colored gemstones and gold in Madagascar, Myanmar /Burma and Colombia 
By Sarah Dickinson Deleon (2008) -- Masters thesis

Group Goals, Group Peace: The influence of superordinate goal-focusing on intergroup conflict in the case of a mining conflict  
By Evan B. Forward (2007) -- undergraduate thesis

Extractive Industries and Corporate Social Responsibility
,  A special issue of Greener Management International, By Saleem H. Ali and Ciaran O'Faircheallaigh (2007)

Climate Conflicts: Extricating Post-Kyoto Debates in Science and Policy, By Saleem H. Ali, 2006-7

Environmental Security, By Sanjeev Khagram (U. of Washington ) and Saleem H. Ali (Univ. of Vermont) (2006)
Environmental Planning and Cooperative Behavior, By Saleem H. Ali (2003)



The Serengeti Highway: Roadblocks to Resolution By Katie Hartin (2011)

Driven to Desperation? Thinking Critically About Environmental, Political, and Economic Causalities of Somali Piracy By Whitney O'Brien (2011)

Can  Corporate Power Positively Transform Angola and Equatorial Guinea?   By Jose Antonio Puppim de Oliveira and Saleem H. Ali (2006)

Golden opportunity in Ghana: A negotiation case study and analysis, By Sarah (Sally)  Dickinson Deleon, 2006

Environmental Endowment and Conflict: The Case Of Diamonds in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) , By Anna Stabrawa, Division of Early Warning & Assessment, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)


Pakistan's energy confllicts: By Saleem H. Ali (Woodrow Wilson Center, 2007)

Green Roots of Red Rebellion: Environmental Degradation and the Maoist Movement in Nepal. By Jugal Bhurtel (Khatmandu, Nepal) and Saleem H. Ali (Univ of Vermont).

Herders' Property Rights Versus Mining in Mongolia , By. N. Tumenbayar, Esq. Parliamentary Lawyer, Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

Environmental Peace-building between India and Pakistan, by Neal Kemkar (published in the Stanford Environmental Law Journal)

Property Rights Regime Arrangement and Grassland Degradation in Xilingol Biosphere Reserve, China, By Wenjun Li (Beijing / Peking University) and Saleem Ali (Univ. of Vermont) -- The updated version of this paper was published in the Journal of Environmental Management in early 2007.

Gold mining brief on Kamchatka, Mary Ackley, 2007


Environmental Health Perceptions in Gold Mining: A study of closure at the Vatakoula gold mine, Fiji,
  Mary Ackley (Masters thesis), 2008

Contesting the Noble Savage on Biodiversity: Mining, Indigenous Politics and Biodiversity in New Caledonia, 2006, Saleem H. Ali

The Bikini Atoll: Living with a Nuclear Legacy and Mediating with the United States. Katelyn Homeyer, 2006

Social and Ecological Impact of a Copper and Uranium Mine, Gavin Mudd and Saleem H. Ali, 1999


The Elwha River Dam Removal Conflict , J. Dan Abbe, 2002

Environmental Confict and Cultural Solidarity: The Case of Vieques , By Russell Baruffi, Student at Brown University

A Study in Slate: A History of  Slate Quarrying and Environmental Impact in Vermont. (Undergraduate thesis) Scott Carpenter, Student at the University of Vermont (2002).

Walmart and Environmental Compliance Negotiations in Kansas, Eileen Horn, 2006

The Salton Sea: A Shifting Seascape of Identity and Policy, By James Ferro, Graduate student in joint  law and natural resources degree at Vermont Law School and UVM, 2007

Stakeholder Engagemement in the Yucca Mountain Siting Decision, Rachael Moeller, Student at Brown University (2001).

Mining for Power: Uranium Mining in Baker Lake Nunavut, Elaine Wang, (2006)

Environmental Conflict Among Evangelicals, Amy L. Brown (2006)


Sources of Negotiating Power in Ecuadorian Oil Negotiations , Jamie Cerretti,  (Masters thesis at the University of Vermont), 2006.

Scales of Resposible Mining: Overcoming barriers to cleaner artisanal mining in Ecuador, Sara Lovitz (Masters thesis at the University of Vermont), 2006

Private Land Ownership as a Means of Rainforest Protection: Conflict Over Parque Pumalin in Chile , Jared Margolis, Student at Brown University (2001).


The Trepca Mine in Kosovo: An Uncertain Future Ian Lynch, 2011

The Poltics of Land Tenure in Scotland, Saleem H. Ali and Richard Paradis, 2006

Indigenous Sovereignty among the Saami, Elaine Wang, 2007

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