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Task Force Documents

Draft Report for Discussion 11/11/97

Comments on the Draft

Planning Exercise/Homework 1 - 5 Questions about IT at UVM

ITTF Meeting Minutes

Recent IT Planning Documents





Administrative IT Vision Draft

Ad Hoc Admin TF led by Jon Crystal


CIT Brain-storming #1

CIT; edited by Norman Imamshah


Admin IT Vision Questions

Norman Imamshah


CIT Brain-storming #2

CIT; edited by Roger Lawson


Libraries Planning documents

Libraries Faculty & Staff


Doing IT at UVM

Joe Patlak et al


IT Vision Draft

LMS, CIT et al


Supt Svcs & Admin Task
Force: IS Cmte Excerpt

UVM Planning Council
David Punia, et al


UCS Budget Planning Excerpt

Roger Lawson et al


Univ Computing Study

David Howell et al

Other UVM resources

A nicely annotated Reading List for the University of the 21st century from UVM's Public Relations staff.

Reading List for the 21st Century, much like the above, from the UVM Accreditation Page.

A Vision For UVM - From the September '97 Accreditation update.

Principles to Inform UVM's New Learning Environment - From the September '97 Accreditation update.

IT-related excerpts from UVM sources on;

Archives of the Plan-IT electronic mailing list. You can subscribe here and participate in the dialog.

Related Information Resources

Kellogg Commission Web Site - National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges.

Higher Education Information Resources Alliance (HEIRA) Executive Strategies Reports.

Campus Watch newsletter, published by CAUSE - the association for managing and using information resources in higher education. What's going on in other institutions?

New Link!

Universities in the Digital Age - A paper by JS Brown, Chief Scientist and Director, Xerox PARC, and P Duguid of Xerox PARC and Berkeley.

CAUSE indexes of

New Link!CAUSE Professional Papers - A number of papers on various aspects of Information Technnoloty in Higher Education.

New Link!Boston College's Technology Planning and Integration Department home page.

New Link!Of Hard Drives and Change Drivers - Report by Donna Klinger, editor of Business Officer magazine, on technology presentations at the 1997 NACUBO annual meeting.

On the Horizon web site at the University of North Carolina, exists "to inform educators about the challenges that they will face in a changing world and steps they can take to meet these challenges."

Information Innovation's Infobase - a service of Information Innovation, a company founded on the principles of continuous business innovation in the field of information technology.

The Electronic College of Process Innovation - Includes an extensive list of online resources.

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