Information Technology
Task Force

Planning Exercise 1

For the August 28 meeting, the members of the Task Force were each asked to prepare a short paper outlining their thoughts on the following questions:

1) How should UVM institute IT leadership?

a.) For example, should there be an IT executive (CIO or whatever) reporting to the President with responsibility for all things IT?

b.) What should the reporting structure be? What parts of IT should this position be responsible for?

2) How should UVM budget for IT?

a.) Who determines IT budgeting priorities?

b.) How do we set IT budgeting priorities?

3) To what extent should UVM adopt standard IT solutions?

a.) How do we gain the benefits of standardization without unduly stifling creativity, deterring useful exploration or interfere with getting specialized jobs done?

b.) By what process do we select standards? Support them? Encourage their use?

c.) How often, and under what regimen or circumstances, should standards be evaluated/changed?

4) How do we ensure that UVM students, faculty and staff have the necessary IT skills to achieve their goals?

a.) How do we reduce the need for specialized IT training?

b.) How do we make IT education available when needed?

5) How do we support IT infrastructure?

a.) What parts of IT should be treated as infrastructure?

b.) What kind of IT support should UVMers be entitled to?

c.) How should it be provided?

The links below will take you to the papers that have been submitted. These papers in no way present a consensus version or vision of what IT at UVM will look like, or what the final recommendations of the Task Force will be. There are, however, some themes that are very apparent. Fee free to correspond with the Task Force members, or join in the discussion on the Plan-IT electronic mailing list.

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Joe Patlak

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