Information Technology
Task Force

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Cafferky, Martha

Financial Analysis & Budgeting

Information Systems Manager

Fitzsimmons, Mark

Distance Learning Network, Continuing Education


Howell, David



Kennedy, Keith

CIT - Administrative Information Systems

Assistant Director

Lawson, Roger (Chair)

CIT Division

Interim Director

Martin, Rebecca

University Libraries


Parke, Lauck

Business Administration

Associate Professor

Patlak, Joe

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics


Ramanathan, Geetha

Physical Plant - Computing

Information Systems Manager

Russell, Patrick

CIT - Telecommunications

Telecommunications Project Manager

Shenk, Deborah


Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations

Thompson, Ron

Business Administration, Faculty Senate

Associate Professor

Committee Resources

Crystal, Jon

Office of the VP for Administration

Special Asst. to the
VP for Administration

Punia, David

Office of the VP for Administration

Project Coordinator,
Administrative Systems

Ex Officio

Thomas Gustafson

Office of the VP for Administration

Interim Vice President for Administration

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