University of Vermont

Print & Mail Center

Campus Mail

Mail Services delivers campus mail to UVM department addresses both on and off campus. Campus mail is for the use of UVM departments and its affiliated organizations and clubs. For more information, follow this link to the current campus mail policy. Campus mail should be contained in a pink interdepartmental envelope, a gold 9X12 interdepartmental envelope, or a white #10 business envelope.Self-mailers may also be distributed providing the piece is folded in half or in thirds. Multiple sheet self-mailers must be either folded so the pages do not separate easily, or fastened shut using an adhesive tab or piece of tape.

Campus Addresses

We deliver campus mail to hundreds of departments, colleges, programs and organizations at UVM each business day. Proper campus addresses are critical for timely delivery. Often we'll receive mail addressed to a department that may be physically located in more than one location. To help the mail move efficiently, please include the recipient's name, department and building on all campus correspondence.


Questions? Call us at 802-656-3413 to get started

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