Memphis ESA 2006
Nick & Dan
In August of 2006, the Ecological Society of America held its annual meeting in Memphis Tennessee. The organizers decided to incorporate music into the meeting, and introduced a "Musician's Central" room where 10 to 15 musicians (and numerous fans) met each afternoon to play and sing. On Tuesday, August 8th, we had a formal evening of music, which I captured on digital recorder. The following MP3 files are recordings from all of the performers in the order of their appearance. These single-track recordings are not edited, other than to remove the stage talk and breaks. The recorder batteries died partway through Celia Edwards' song, so the remaining artists were re-recorded the following afternoon at Musician's Central.

Many thanks to Shahid Naeem for initiating this project and to Michelle Horton for making it all happen!

Join us for more music in San Jose in August 2007!

Best wishes,

Nick Gotelli

Musician's Central Daily Jam Session
Nick & Dan

Nick Gotelli, Craig Guyer & Dan Simberloff
Liberty [2:14]
East Tennessee Blues [2:13]
Colored Aristocracy [2:17]
Kitchen Gal [2:15]
Beaumont Rag [2:11]
Virginia Hornpipe [2:16]
Mississippi Sawyer [2:15]

Derek Johnson
The Crush [2:40]
Creepy Jackalope Eye [2:45]
Never Think Twice [3:16]
I Wanna Be Your Dog (with Tracy Feldman on fiddle) [3:09]

"Nothing But Potential Band"
David Clark, Alice Boyle & Craig Guyer
Cowboy Waltz [2:23]
The Star Above The Garter -> Walk Home -> Handsome Young Maidens [3:27]
Little Jackie -> Whiskey Before Breakfast -> The Wind That Shakes The Barley [2:44]
Popcorn Behavior [2:14]
Cherokee Shuffle -> Frank's Reel [3:10]
Sally In The Garden [2:04]

"Dog Gone"
Wendy Silk & Ron Goldberg
Blues For Bonza [2:52]
Knick Knack [2:16]
Perfect Sanctuary [2:37]

Tracy Feldman
By Degrees [3:59]
Insomniac's Lullabye [4:02]
Bromide Hill [3:44]

Shelly Loeffler
(with Duccio Rocchini & Tracy Feldman)
One Tough Mother [3:52]
Comfort Me [1:50]
First Party at Ken Kesey's With The Hell's Angels [1:29]

David LeBauer & Steve Alison)
Simple Gifts [3:01]

Celia Evans
Adirondack Hills [1:24]

April Hayward
How Moonlight Makes You Irresistable [3:24]

Ross Tsai
(with Yi-Fang Chou)
Offspring Of Dragon [3:48]
Dream Field [3:17]
Tico Tico [1:39]

Duccio Rocchini
(with Ron Goldberg)
CrossRoads [4:19]


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