An Untapped Resource to Reproduce Studies.
Science is generally accepted to operate by conducting specially-designed structured observations (such as experiments and case studies) and then interpreting the results to build... [continue reading here].

Ervaringen met Criminologische PhD-Trajecten.
To most people, obtaining a PhD appears to be a herculean or esoteric task, or both. In this article, I will present a brief summary of my PhD journey so far to demystify the process... [continue reading here].

Underground AbraCARDabra: Understanding Carding Forums.
Paying for dinner? A taxi ride? A tropical drink? Sure. Swipe or tap your card and it is done. Convenient. Payment cards make it easy for us to make payments at "brick-and-mortar" locations... [continue reading here].

Understanding the Use of Leaked Webmail Credentials in the Wild.
Online accounts enable us to store and access documents, make purchases, and connect to new friends, among many other capabilities. Even though online accounts are convenient to use, they also... [continue reading here].