Electronic Portfolios:

One of the three goals of our PT3 grant  was to "Develop electronic professional portfolios, which challenge  students to use pre service increasingly complex levels of technological sophistication."  The State of Vermont requires portfolios from pre service teachers for initial certification and converting these to an electronic format offers added value.    The construction of electronic portfolios is closely aligned to new findings about learning identified by the National Research Council in 2000. There is a growing body of evidence that portfolio assessment is a good way to understand what learners know and a useful tool to help them organize information as they build new knowledge. We have learned from our students who have built web-based portfolios for the past five years, that electronic portfolios have been of benefit in addition to the demonstration of technology skills inherent in creating eportfolios.

Templates Developed:
Although most students create their portfolio format themselves, some need more guidance with design and structure. Templates have been created to support those students and faculty that require more structure.
Student Created Electronic Portfolios

Presentations about Electronic Portfolios

Electronic Portfolio Resource Page

Web Sites linked to PT3 Electronic Portfolio Resources: An array of Colleges of Education, Technology Centers, K-12 School Districts and Commercial Web Sites have linked to our Electronic Portfolio Resources.

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Continuing  Our Work with Electronic Portfolios

We are continuing our support of electronic portfolios by offering professional development to our K-12 partners using NCLB funds and through a new partnership with IBM, the Vermont Department of Education, and the State  Colleges. We are helping to develop a web-based tool that will help create developmental, showcase and assessment portfolios for pre service teachers, new inductees,  inservice teachers applying for recertification and organizations responding to NCATE and INTASC accreditation.  This RE3 Grant  (Reinventing Education 3),  is seeking our input as well as those from 8 other sites to develop a comprehensive portfolio tool that will  assess all facets of a teacher's educational experience.