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UVM holdings June 30th 2010 and 30th September 2011

Weapon Systems and Other Military or Occupation-Related Products and Services Provided to Israel by companies in the UVM Investment Portfolio as of June 30, 2010 Arms Manufacturers and Other Corporations in the UVM Investment Portfolio Profiting From and Helping to maintain Israel's Occupation and Apartheid System
* Patriot Missiles * Radio Frequency (RF) TOW 2A Missile * TOW 2A Anti-Armor Missiles * Maverick Missiles * Sparrow Missiles * Sidewinder Missiles * Stinger Missiles * Walleye Missiles * PAC-2 Air to Surface Missiles * Assorted Munitions * AMRAAM Air to Air Missiles * Paveway Laser Guided Bombs


2010 Investments: $394,500 2011 Investments: $52,400
* F-35 Joint Strike Fighter * F-16 Fighter Jet * C-130J-30 Aircraft * Apache Assault Helicopter * Littoral Combat Ships * PAC-2 Air to Surface Missiles * Sidewinder Missiles * HELLFIRE II Missiles * HELLFIRE II Longbow Missiles * Paveway Laser Guided Bombs * Multiple Rocket Launchers * Merkava Tanks via its Martin Skunks Work Group * High-frequency radios and other communication equipment * Advanced Radar Systems

Lockheed Martin

2010 Investments: $79,900 2011 Investments: $101,200
* Engines for F-35 Fighter Jet and a variety of other military aircraft * Propulsion system for Israel's AH-64 Apache Assault Helicopter. * Service contracts for engineering support and testing.

General Electric

2010 Investments: $482,000 2011 Investments: $1,063,900
* F-15 Fighter Jet * C-47 Cargo Helicopter * Apache Assault Helicopter * B-707 Transport Plane * Guided Bomb Units-39/Small Diameter Bombs * Joint Direct Attack Munitions * Harpoon Missiles * HELLFIRE II Missiles * HELLFIRE II Longbow Missiles

Boeing Corporation

2010 Investments: $165,700 2011 Investments: $192,400
* Cluster bomb munitions * Inertial Navigation Systems for fighter jets and other weapons * Torpedoes

Honeywell International

2010 Investments: $102,100 2011 Investments: $149,600
* ERU-151 (Ejector Release Unit) and ZRFAU (Zero Retention Force Arming Unit), both of which are incorporated in VER-2 bomb racks used on F-16 war planes * Flexible Cable Assembly units to connect bombs to F-15 jets * Release mechanisms for the Paveway Laser Guided Bombs * Production assistance anticipated for Littoral Combat Ships and F-35 war planes * Provides Israeli Occupation Forces with intensifier tubes for night vision goggles.

ITT (with its UK subsidiary, EDO)

2010 Investments: $25,100 2011 Investments: $9,200
* C-53 Sea Stallion Attack Helicopter * Black Hawk Attack Helicopter * Engines for fighter/bomber aircraft

United Technologies (with subsidiary divisions Sikorsky and Pratt Whitney)

2010 Investments: $205,800 2011 Investments: $268,100
* HP's Israeli subsidiary, EDS Israel, provides the Israeli ministry of defense with the Basel System, an automated biometric access control system for Palestinian workers. It is installed in major checkpoints at Erez (Gaza), Sha'ar Ephraim and Bethlehem (West Bank). HP has also won several tenders to supply technologies to the Israeli army, including a 2-year contract for the supply of PCs to the army, signed in Sept 2009.

Hewlett-Packard Company (with subsidiary, EDS Israel)

2010 Investments: $306,600 2011 Investments: $168,000
* Specializes in iris, face and fingerprint identity recognition. It owns Visage, which includes Visionics. In 1999, Visionics was subcontracted by EDS to supply its FaceIt(R) facial recognition technology to the Israeli Ministry of Defense's Basel Project. See information above, for Hewlett Packard, on the Basel System and Israeli checkpoints in the occupied territories.

L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc.

2010 Investments: $203,40 2011 Investments: $
* Motorola Israel is a full subsidiary of Motorola, Inc. The company provides "virtual fences" to Israeli settlements that refuse to fence themselves. * Motorola radar detectors' system has been installed in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. In some cases, radar stations were erected on private Palestinian land, preventing Palestinian movement near the Israeli settlements. The system's name is MotoEagle Surveillance, and it includes radars and cameras to detect human movement outside the settlements. The system is currently installed in about 25 settlements, including Thko'a, Nokdim, Otniel, Beit Hagai, Eli, Rehelim, Tapu'ach, Mechora, Elon More, Talmon. The system is also used in the Separation Wall complex, in the wall around Gaza, and in military bases. The company provides continuous service to these systems. The company has also developed and provided the "Mountain Rose" communication system for the Israeli army, which is a specifically designed mobile system for field conditions. It is being used by soldiers in the occupied West Bank. * The Government Electronics Department (GED) of the company, which was responsible for military technologies in Motorola Israel and produced electronic bomb fuses for the Israeli Army, was sold to Aeronautics Defense Systems in April 2009.


2010 Investments: $45,300 2011 Investments: $27,900
* Provider of homeland defense products and services. Supplied SafeView magnometric scanners for Gaza's Erez checkpoint through Hashmira and personal luggage scanners for West Bank checkpoints through Eltal Technologistics.

L-3 Communication Holdings, Inc.

2010 Investments: $8,100 2011 Investments: $24,300
* Supplied 50,000 PCs to Israel Occupation Forces over three years at a total cost of $20 million, which is below the market value. The IDF uses these computers to enforce Israel's military occupation of Palestinian land.


2010 Investments: $62,200 2011 Investments: $79,300
* Purchases non-woven fabrics from Avgol Nonwoven Industries. Avgol has a factory in the Barkan Industrial Zone, which is part of an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank. According to the Coalition of Women for Peace (, Procter & Gamble accounts for about 37% of Avgol sales.

Proctor & Gamble Investments:

2010 Investments: $79,900 2011 Investments: $637,200
* A major supplier of fuel to the Israeli military.

Valero Energy Corporation

2010 Investments: $30,60 2011 Investments: $11,900

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