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Our Projects Give You Hands on Experience in Electrical Engineering. We also accept new project ideas and would sponsor them after careful consideration

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Current Projects


Past Projects


IEEE built a micromouse for 2017 Region one conference Micromouse competition.


IEEE built a Y6-copter that was presented at the UVM club fair in September 2017.

Smart LED Cube

IEEE built a 8x8x8 LED cube controlled by arduino UNO.

Magic Mirror

IEEE built a mirror that displays weather, events, and activities.

Infinity Prism

IEEE created an infinity mirror.

3D Printer Assembly

IEEE assembled a 3D printer kit to be able to print parts for other projects

Electric Wire Stripper

IEEE built electric wire strippers.

Omni-Directional Robot

IEEE built a  omni-directional robot equipped with mecanum wheels controlled using Bluetooth via cellphone.

Real-Life Minecraft 

IEEE built a device that can interface 
with Minecraft through code using a Raspberry Pi.

Hexacopter & Octocopter

IEEE constructed functional autonomous hexa and octo copters.