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Our Projects Give You Hands on Experience in Electrical Engineering. After considering your proposal, funding may be allocated for your project.

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Current Projects

Quadcopter; Hexacopter & Octocopter

This 2019/2020 project has been extended for the 2022/2023 year. The goal is to construct a functional FPV Quadcopter. Also avalibility to construct an autonomous octocopter. The Project Manager for this project is Ben Jackson.


A micro mouse has the ablity to autonomously solve a 10x10ft maze, curently in construction at UVM IEEE. The fastest mouse from UVM will be able to enter the national competition. In addition, you can submit your own desin if you have an idea of how to solve the maze. This project is led by Noah Logan.

Past Projects


IEEE built a micromouse for 2017 Region one conference Micromouse competition.


IEEE was building a Y6-copter that presented at the UVM club fair in September 2017.

Smart LED Cube

IEEE built a 8x8x8 LED cube controlled by arduino UNO.

Magic Mirror
IEEE built a mirror that displays weather, events, and activities.

Infinity Prism

Secretary is leading members to create an infinity mirror, pretty cool!

3D Printer Assembly

Project manager and technical officer is assembling a 3D printer kit so that IEEE will be able to print parts for other projects

Electric Wire Stripper

Tired of stripper wires in your lab? Get an electric wire stripper from IEEE