Vermont Barn Census

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Barns and other agricultural structures were identified via windshield survey conducted in September and October 2009. A windshield survey is just as it sounds, being conducted from the public-right-of-way; therefore it has its own limitations based on what can be seen from the road and how clearly the subject can be seen. A windshield survey has the benefit of initially identifying resources and allowing others to start with a guide and to know where there are significant structures or gaps in information. Anyone with an agricultural structure in Townshend can add to the information of this survey by contacting the State Division for Historic Preservation (re: the Vermont Barn Census).

The above map plots the surveyed barns collected as a result of a windshield survey conducted by Kaitlin O'Shea in Townshend, Vermont. Click here to view an interactive map with addresses and photographs or click here to view a photo album of all of the surveyed properties. 

Franklin, VTDerby, VTBrownington, VTHinesburg, VTHuntington, VTRichmond, VTNorwich, VTHartford, VTDorset, VTManchester, VTTownshend, VTGrafton, VT

This preliminary research about barns and farm buildings in thirteen Vermont towns is offered as a public service to assist local volunteers with their efforts to learn more about the agricultural heritage of these communities. It is hoped that additional information on the history and features of these barns will be submitted by volunteers through the Vermont Barn Census project. The historical research and preliminary field documentation was conducted during the fall 2009 semester by Kaitlin O'Shea, a graduate student enrolled in the Researching Historic Structures and Sites course at University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program with the assistance of local volunteers as part of the Vermont Barn Census, a statewide project of the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, the University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program, Historic Windsor’s Preservation Education Institute, Save Vermont Barns, Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, and the Preservation Trust of Vermont. Funding support provided in part by a Preserve America grant through the National Park Service to the State of Vermont Division for Historic Preservation.