Central District School Interior:

        The interior of the school is simple in design.  There are two spaces within the building - an entrance area or foyer and the main schoolroom.  The foyer is a small space almost square in plan.
        The classroom is rectangular in plan (approximately fifteen feet by twenty-five feet) and oriented towards the front of the building.  The blackboard (which appears to be modern) is placed on the wall shared by the foyer.  On the back wall, two four paneled wooden doors lead outdoors.  The doors were used by the students (one for boys and one for girls) to go outside to use the privy.  Between the two doors, is a small recently reconstructed brick chimney.  The space has wooden flooring, a horizontal board wainscoting, and the rest of the walls and ceiling are modern dry board.  There is a thin wooden surround around windows and doors.


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