I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at UVM in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. I was born in Montréal, Canada, and I speak French and English fluently. My pronouns are she/her and I am a cis, heterosexual white woman and a québécoise.

My research is in number theory and arithmetic geometry, with an emphasis on applications to cryptography. I enjoy computational number theory and am a contributor to the LMFDB and to SageMath.

In my practice as a teacher, my focus is on noncoercive teaching techniques and universal design. I want my classroom to be a human, joyful space, in which all students feel welcome and cared for. My current focus is on eliminating ableism from my teaching, and I welcome comments and concerns to this effect.

I believe that the joy of mathematics is a human right, and my professional mission is to create spaces that are joyful and comfortable for all mathematicians but center people who have been historically excluded from mathematics. I co-organized the first Rethinking Number Theory workshop and co-founded the Math Summer Program for Inclusive Excellence (SPIE) (which is currently on hiatus). I am also an organizer of the Connecticut Summer School in Number Theory.

I am the PhD/thesis adviser to Anton Hilado, Sarah Days-Merrill, Jesse Franklin, and Holly Paige Chaos. I am also working closely with Krystal Maughan who is a PhD student in CS. Unfortunately at this time I am not taking any more research students at any level.

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christelle dot vincent at uvm.edu
Office: Innovation E445
The University of Vermont
Dept of Math and Stats
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Phone: (802) 656-4353
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