I am an Assistant Professor at UVM in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. I was born in Montréal, Canada, and I speak French and English fluently. In my free time I travel, do yoga, and read way too much internet news.

I spend my days doing math, more precisely number theory, although recently I've been looking for excuses to think about geometry instead. My thesis work was in the Drinfeld setting, which offers for function fields analogues of elliptic curves, modular forms, and modular curves. In my thesis I studied Weierstrass points on Drinfeld modular curves, and along the way I proved some theorems about Drinfeld modular forms. Recently I have been thinking about Siegel modular forms and how to recover curve invariants from them. On the geometric side of things, I am most interested in studying curves that are defined over finite fields, and the relationship between their point counts, their automorphisms, and their Weierstrass points.

When I put on my teaching hat, I like designing course activities that give incentives to my students to do what is necessary for them to be successful. I also know a fair amount about incorporating software into a student's learning experience. I've experimented a lot with different class structures and activities, you should ask me about it if you're interested!

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