Files for In-and-After-Class Studies

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Old Study Files (Before the Fall of 2008)

1st-Year Chinese (Old)

CHIN 001/002 (Old)

2nd-Year Chinese (Old)

CHIN 051/052 (Old)

3rd-Year Chinese (Old)

CHIN 101/102 (Old)

4th-Year Chinese (Old)

CHIN 201/202  (Old)


 Study Files (After the Spring of 2009)

1st-Year Chinese

CHIN 001

CHIN 002

CHIN 020

2nd-Year Chinese

CHIN 051

CHIN 052

3rd-Year Chinese

CHIN 101/102

CHIN 195/196

4th-Year Chinese

CHIN 201/202


 Study Files for the Study Abroad in China Program

Chinese at Level 3

Pre-Intermediate Chinese


Chinese at Level 4

Intermediate Chinese

Chinese at Level 5

Advanced Chinese