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Chinese Program

The Chinese Program offers an innovative Chinese language curriculum that teaches the Chinese writing system and the Chinese sound system according to their unique characteristics and intrinsic regularity.  All our Chinese faculty members are native Mandarin Chinese speakers with genuine knowledge of Chinese culture and modern Chinese history.  They are excellent in teaching and are internationally known for their achievement in research on Chinese language pedagogy.  Students are able to learn Chinese with confidence and enjoyment in class and have opportunities to interact with their native Chinese speaking instructors after class.  The program aims to lay a solid Chinese language foundation for students, so as to enable them to acquire enough Chinese language skills to communicate freely with people in China or to continue to advance their Chinese language and culture studies after their graduation.

Study Abroad Program in China

The Chinese Program has a study abroad program at Yunnan University in Kunming, China. Students are encouraged to study abroad in China with their Chinese language instructors in their junior year after taking at least one year of Chinese so as to be more competent and fluent in Chinese and gain first-hand experiences with the ancient and changing modern Chinese culture in China

Degree Offered

  • B.A. with a Major in Chinese
  • Undergraduate Minor in Chinese
  • Chinese Major

    Requirements: 15 credits hours of Chinese language at or above the 100 level, including CHIN 101, 102, 201, 202, or equivalent courses at the 100 and 200 levels; at least 15 credit hours of courses on Chinese history and/or culture, including WLIT 110. Six of those credits hours must be at the 100 level or above, taken in two or more different academic disciplines other than Chinese language. All course work should be chosen in consultation with the student's major advisor. (Worksheet for Chinese Major)

    Chinese Minor

    Requirements:  At least 15 credit hours of Chinese with at least 9 of those at or above 100-level, including CHIN 102.  3 credit hours at or above 100-level in Chinese literature may be substituted for three credits of language study beyond CHIN 102. (Worksheet for Chinese Minor)

    Chinese House

    It is a living and learning place where students can come together after classes to organize and participate in extracurricular activities that would enrich their experiences with Chinese culture and reinforce their Chinese language learning with the assistance of Chinese language faculty at UVM and visiting scholars from China.

    Special Events

    Highlights include Chinese Tea Hour on every Friday afternoon during the academic year, the annual Chinese talent show by students taking Chinese language courses, celebration of Chinese New Year, Chinese films, acrobatic or martial arts shows, and music and dance performances by Chinese artists residing in North American or from China.

    Chinese Program
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