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Unlike other more inconspicuous exotic pests, the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) is well suited as a target for involving the public in its detection. It is a large beetle with distinctive markings that leaves characteristic signs, which people can readily see and identify. Most of the initial ALB infestations have been found by the public, not pest specialists. ALB infestations are commonly widely dispersed within a general region due to accidental movement of infested wood.  It is impossible for official inspectors to check every tree. For this reason, enlisting assistance from the public in the search of this beetle is essential to increase the likelihood of detecting infestations early.

ALB awareness programs aimed at alerting the public to this serious pest have been initiated in several states. Many innovative educational materials have been developed to spread the word about ALB. We started an awareness program in 1996.  Every third tree in Vermont in a maple, one of the favorite hosts of ALB.  ALB could be devastating to this state, both economically and environmentally. Therefore, from the start of our public awareness activities, Vermonters have been eager to help. Several of our ideas have proved very successful and will be described briefly below.


Landscaper's Guide to Asian Longhorned Beetle and its Host Trees

English Version pdf

Spanish Version pdf

ALB Guide

ALB Bookmarks

We designed two versions of eye-catching bookmarks with the basic information needed to identify ALB and its damage, and what to do and who to call if they find ALB. These bookmarks have been printed for several states, including Conneticut, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont. In October 2002, they were sent out to libraries in these states and were a big hit.

Wanted Poster
This poster sought to attract people’s attention and then encourage them to read further about this pest. Basic information about ALB is provided, with specific contact numbers for Vermont. These were printed on heavy paper for posting inside and on tyvek for outdoors. These have been posted statewide in garden centers, state agricultural offices, tourist centers and at booths located along hiking trails. In addition, the poster was enlarged, laminated and framed for display at our county fairs. The poster was translated into seven other languages for dissemination in New York City. Click the links to the rights to view the posters as jpegs.

English (pdf)
English (jpg)
Chinese (jpg)
Hebrew (jpg)
Korean (jpg)
Polish (jpg)
Russian (jpg)
Spanish (jpg)
Yiddish (jpg)

Wanted posters Available from: Bruce L. Parker, Entomology Research Laboratory 661 Spear Street, Burlington, VT 05405-0105 Tel: 802-656-5440


Posters at Other Sites
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Beetle Busting Toolbox
A full slide show with script, 

Beetle display specimens, 

Wood damage specimens, 

Identification cards, 

Pest alerts,

The citizens guide to beetle busting,

and wanted posters.

Produced by UVM and New York ReLeaf for specialized groups in New York City (i.e. garden clubs and concerned citizen groups) interested in ALB public awareness. 
Beetle Buster Tool kits in the NY Daily News.


Identification Cards

We designed eye-catching folded cards with the basic information needed to identify ALB and its damage, and what to do and who to call in Vermont if they find one. These cards fit conveniently into wallets or on bulletin boards. Over 50,000 cards have been printed and distributed at meetings of maple syrup producers, horticulturists and tourist centers. Several syrup producers volunteered to include cards in the retail shipments they sent out. The VT Mastergardener program, which coordinates a Pest Identification Hotline for the public, includes a card in all of the educational materials they mail out.

nter Display:
Several managers of specialty stores that sell maple syrup expressed interest in distributing the cards. In response to this request we constructed a small decorative counter display to hold the cards, and attract the attention of customers. Retail markets and major garden centers throughout Vermont were asked to make space for this display, and now several hundred are in place statewide. Each spring we contact these sites to refresh their card supply.

To order identification cards for your State or to order additional cards contact Don Tobi, Entomology Research Laboratory, 661 Spear Street, Burlington, VT 05405-0105
Tel: 802-656-5434

Other  Materials

New and improved key chains produced in 2002 by UVM and distributed by green industry associations, APHIS, and NY Dept. of Ag. and Markets in the New York City area

A directory of key personnel involved in ALB program, developed and produced in 2003 by UVM for the green industry and public available from Marlene Door hangers produced by UVM for distribution in NYC