Support Through the Process

Because the conduct process can be stressful and anxiety producing, students moving through this process are encouraged to seek support and guidance. Some UVM sources of support include:


In the UVM student conduct process, an advisor is a member of the University community (who is not a family member) chosen by a Complainant or Respondent to provide personal support through the student conduct process. An advisor must have no other role, such as a witness, and may not speak on behalf of, or otherwise represent their advisees. Advisors may not be lawyers, although the Center for Student Conduct may permit a lawyer as an advisor when related criminal charges are filed and pending.


Counseling is available from UVM’s Counseling and Psychiatry Services (CAPS). CAPS offers a short-term approach to counseling, averaging 4 - 5 sessions, with an emphasis on helping students cope more effectively with their personal and academic lives. CAPS counseling services include urgent need appointments and routine, on-going appointments, as well as consultation appointments to connect students to campus and community resources.

Student Legal Services (SLS)

Student Legal Services (SLS) is a student-run organization, funded by the Student Government Association, which aids students on campus with legal problems. Legal counsel is provided by two attorneys from the Burlington law firm of Blodgett, Watts, Volk & Sussman, P.C., whose services SLS retains. Please visit Student Legal Services at 311-D Davis Center for personal matters, or call (802) 656-4379.