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The Center for X-Ray Crystallography is the hub for high-resolution structural biology at the University of Vermont. X-ray crystallography allows biological and biomedical researchers to visualize proteins, RNA, DNA and their complexes at atomic resolution. The molecular details of specimens as small as DNA binding domains and as large as the ribosome have been elucidated via this powerful method. The CXX provides resources for all stages of macromolecular structure determination:

  • screening of samples for 'crystallizability' via dynamic light scattering
  • automated high-throughput (robotic) screening for crystallization conditions
  • crystal incubation at various temperatures from 4C to 30C
  • preparation of heavy-atom and anomalous derivatives (including high-pressure noble gas infusion)
  • collection and reduction of x-ray diffraction data (cryogenic or room temperature)
  • solution and analysis of structures with state-of-the-art clustered computing hardware

Unlike the crystallographic laboratories at most other universities, the CXX is run as a facility available to researchers across the UVM campus who wish to add high-resolution macromolecular structural characterization to their research program. The CXX is located in rooms E312-E316 of the Given Building. For further information, contact:

  • Mark Rould (CXX Director) 6-9532, mrould@uvm.edu
  • Sylvie Doublie (CXX Supervisor) 6-9531, sdoublie@uvm.edu
  • Stephen Everse (CXX Supervisor) 6-8271, severse@uvm.edu
  • Kelvin Chu (CXX Supervisor) 6-0064, kchu@uvm.edu

The CXX operates within guidelines set by the UVM Radiation Safety Office and the UVM Environmental Safety Office.