Print and Mail Center has designed a program that uses CCC's Academic Permissions Service (APS), to meet the needs of the university community. The purpose of APS is to facilitate permission requests to photocopy copyrighted publications for course materials (i.e., anthologies, course packets and readers, and class handouts).

Print and Mail makes creating custom course materials a simple process for UVM's faculty. We work closely with you to keep costs low. No royalties are due until the book is sold. Our goal is the same as the instructor's – to provide students with the materials they need, when they need them, at a fair price.

Guidelines for using the permission services

  • The course instructor provides the materials to be copied to Print and Mail Center, 118 Waterman Bldg.
  • Download the Course Packet Order Form (PDF) and the Copyright Clearance Form (PDF). Bring them along with your course materials to us at 118 Waterman Building.
  • To arrange pickup of your materials or to schedule an appointment for consultation on your course packet submission call Melissa Wright at 6-8149 or e-mail
  • Print and Mail will copy and bind the course packet for sale to students at the University Store. The final price is determined by copying charge plus the permission fee plus any royalties due.

Contact Us

Call us or visit us at our campus retail store (forms, printing, course packets, etc).