University of Vermont

Office Of Student And Community Relations

About Us

Mission Statement

Our office provides resources and support to University of Vermont students living off campus so that they will have successful experiences as both citizens and renters. We do this with knowledge of and advocacy for the needs and issues of students from diverse backgrounds. We foster, support, and sustain better relations between off-campus students and their neighbors by encouraging and supporting students to become active, responsible, and just members of the Burlington neighborhoods in which they live and by facilitating communication between residents and students about their shared responsibility in creating healthy, safe, and just neighborhoods.

The Office of Student and Community Relations is committed to creating a safe and socially just environment for off-campus students through partnering with students and their neighbors on initiatives and programs.

The office accomplishes this by:

  • Providing guidance, support, and resources to off-campus students so they can better navigate their off-campus life
  • Identifying issues or problems confronting off-campus students and their neighbors and developing strategies to address them in ways that build community and incorporate personal responsibility
  • Cultivating among students a sense of belonging and value to the Burlington community
  • Fostering dialogue and understanding between students and Burlington residents about their respective expectations for their shared community life.
  • Working through a community development vehicles, such as teaching conflict-resolution skill building and providing neighborhood grants to do projects, like community gardens.
  • Resolving Conflict with Roommates and Neighbors

We believe that creating an environment for developing and sustaining positive relationships between students and their neighbors through dialogue and action will contribute to the successful transition of our students to off-campus living and lead to healthier neighborhoods.