Application Instructions

Due the volume of inquiries, we have moved to a standardized form.  If you are interested in applying to our group as an undergraduate/MS/PhD student, postdoc, or visiting researcher, please complete the following application:

I deeply appreciate your interest and the time you invest in this.  If there is an opening that’s a good fit for you, we will be in touch shortly.  Feel free to send me a brief email to alert me to your application (no need to duplicate any of the information you provided within this form).  In order to bypass spam filters, please start with title of your email with the tag “[Prospective Neuroboticist]”.  Thanks!

Following acceptance from the lab, prospective students must also formally apply to the UVM Graduate College.


Opening for PhD Student or Postdoc in Evolutionary Neural Architecture Search:

We have a specific opening (available until filled, and this post is removed) for an outstanding PhD Student or Postdoctoral Researcher with a background in evolutionary computation (especially neuroevolution) and/or deep learning (especially meta-learning, network pruning, and neural architecture search) funded primarily by NSF CAREER Award #2239691: An Embodied Intelligence Approach to Neural Architecture Search.


Openings for PhD Students and Postdocs in Machine Learning:

We frequently have open opportunities for exceptional students who wish to pursue a PhD or Postdoctoral position in Computer Science or Complex Systems and Data Science.

This work may be through direct applications of machine learning in those domains, or through advancements in foundational questions in deep learning, especially around meta-learning, few-shot learning, many-task learning, transfer-learning, neural architecture search, and evolutionary computation. 

We also commonly have research opportunities on projects that use machine learning to accelerate and enable scientific discoveries along UVM’s existing strengths such as environmental science, agriculture, and medicine.  Applicants should have a strong foundation and portfolio of work in machine learning algorithms.


Fellowship Opportunities for PhD Students and Postdocs:

The UVM Neurobotics Lab, as part of the Vermont Complex Systems Center, has fellowships available from our industrial partners and NSF/NIH training programs.  The topic of these positions varies from a specific focus on Algorithmic Fairness or Health Analytics for some openings, to broader focuses in Neurobiology or Quantitative & Evolutionary Biology for others — and apply to either PhD students or postdocs.  We are always in the process of adding more research partners and training programs, so please check back often!

For further information and application instructions, please see the fellowships opportunities webpage from the Vermont Complex Systems Center.


Why UVM?

This was perhaps best articulated by Alexa Woodward, the inaugural Executive Director of the UVM Complex Systems Center, in reflecting on why she chose to make the move here from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  She said “There are a lot of smart people doing smart things in the world, but very few of them are having as much fun as these folks.”  We take fun and play very seriously here and strive to form a community and lab where creativity, collaboration, openness, and acceptance are paramount and work in concert with dedicated and rigorous science.  As a result, our alumni have had outstanding success, both during their time as students here and in securing and excelling in jobs in industry and academia post-UVM — and most of all, enjoyed the journey along the way.


About the University of Vermont:

The University of Vermont (UVM), established in 1791, is a comprehensive research university with a current enrollment of 12,000+ undergraduate, graduate, and medical students. The scientific and academic environments in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, and throughout UVM, are dynamic, highly collaborative, and multi-disciplinary. UVM has state of the art core facilities, including the Vermont Advanced Computing Center, the Advanced Genome Technologies Core, and the UVM Medical Center.

The University is located in beautiful Burlington, Vermont, about 2 hours from Montreal, 3 hours from Boston, and 6 hours from New York City. Burlington is consistently ranked as one of the best small cities in America for quality of living, and features year-round outdoor recreation and cultural events. Greater Burlington has a population of approximately 150,000 and enjoys a panoramic setting on Lake Champlain, bordered by the Adirondack and Green Mountains.  The city is a world-renowned tourist destination, featuring outstanding outdoor sports and activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, and skiing — while also being home to top-notch restaurants, farms, breweries, and artists.

The University of Vermont is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or any category legally protected by federal or state law. Applicants are welcome from any region, and there are no associated citizenship requirements.