Student Interfaith leaders preparing for Dinner & Dialogue

Explore, Engage, Empower!

The Interfaith Center offers a variety of education, reflection, and community building opportunities open to the campus community, as well as specific groups (e.g. staff/faculty, departments, or student organizations). Check out Facebook to find out what's currently happening!

Dinner and Dialogue

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Gather monthly for this opportunity to explore your own core values in conversation with others. By doing so, we also hope to identify ways we can come together to build an inclusive and just community. In 2017-2018, we explored how each of us connects to UVM's core values, as reflected in the Our Common Ground statement, from our various religious and philosophical perspectives. Be watching for next year's theme!

Interfaith Dialogues

Student Leaders at Interfaith Youth Core Conference
Each week in the Davis Center "Fishbowl" (i.e., Mount Mansfield room) students and UVM community members gather to show respect for one another and learn about similiarities and differences in religious/cultural upbringings by discussing religious, spiritual, and philosophical topics together. Contact us to find out more about the Interfaith Student Coalition that hosts these weekly conversations!


Workshops & Training

As part of the Interfaith Center's mission to equip and empower the UVM community to engage more comfortably and competently with spirituality and religion in our life and work on campus, we offer workshops and trainings to address religious pluralism, meaning making, religious literacy, and other topics. Email us if you are interested in scheduling some type of educational activity for your student organization, office, or department.

Programs & Special Events

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The Interfaith Center hosts a variety of educational programs as well as special opportunities to celebrate and share diverse sacred and cultural celebrations within our community. For example, the Festival of Light and Dark held in December explores the significance of "light" and "dark" within the various celebrations, understandings and rituals that fall during the transition of seasons. 

Interfaith Update (weekly)

The best way to stay updated with programs and events connected with the Interfaith Center, as well as the greater community, is to sign up to receive the weekly "Interfaith Update." Each Monday you'll receive an email message with a selection of spiritual and religious opportunities happening on-campus, in the Burlington community, and beyond. Learn about signing up for the listserv.


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