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The Interfaith Center offers a variety of education, reflection, and community building opportunities open to the campus community, as well as specific groups (e.g. staff/faculty, departments, or student organizations). Follow our Instagram and/or view our Calendar of Events to discover what's currently happening!

Calendar of Events

Tea Time Tuesdays!

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Craving an opportunity to just sit and chat with others? Starting January 18th, you are welcome to drop by anytime Tuesday mornings between 9 - 10am for bagels and a warm beverage (not just tea!) and informal conversation. The entire UVM community is welcome!

Dinner & Dialogue: A Monthly Interfaith Gathering

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After over a year of social distancing and pandemic precautions, we have both the challenge and opportunity to ask, "Just how do we live in community together?" Join with students, staff, faculty, and community members to explore and discuss how we connect with the civic values expressed in UVM's "Our Common Ground" from our individual religious and philosophical perspectives.

The event occurs monthly throughout the academic year and we ask folks to RSVP along with their religious or philosophical identity or background to help us plan for numbers and create diverse groups for conversation.

Sept 23    Respect                  Feb 10    Integrity

Oct  21    Openness                 Mar 17   Responsibility 

Nov 11     Justice                     Apr 7     Innovation

This annual, six-part series invites students, staff, faculty, and members of the greater Burlington community into meaningful conversation around a common theme. It is an opportunity to reflect upon our core values, gain insight into those of others, and consider how we can live them out in meaningful, tangible ways in the midst of our diverse communities at UVM and society as a whole. 

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Connect: An inclusive spiritual gathering

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This inclusive spiritual gathering is an opportunity to pause in the midst of your busy week and spend some quality time connecting - with yourself, others, and the sources of support that are meaningful to you. Each meeting includes time for open discussion, as well as a chance to try on a spiritual practice for cultivating awareness and connection. Come check it out - just once or join us each week (except when it is a Dinner & Dialogue night)! Welcome to folks of all religious and/or philosophical identities or perspectives. For more info contact Laura at

Annual Interfaith Student Leadership Retreat

Logo for Interfaith Student Leadership Retreat - rainbow colors and various religious symbols

Open to all UVM undergraduate and graduate students, this overnight, off-campus retreat is an opportunity during the fall semester to gather with an amazing group of folks to build community, develop skills for facilitating interfaith conversations, and reflect on your own and others' religious and philosophical worldviews! We leave campus on a Friday around 4:30 pm and return that Saturday by 8:30 pm. Feel free to email if you'd like to learn more!

Programs & Special Events

Program logo for "Voting as Spiritual Practice" which has a cartoon image of the three presenters, a rabbi, imam, and reverend.

The Interfaith Center hosts a variety of educational programs as well as special opportunities to celebrate and share diverse sacred and cultural celebrations within our community. For example, you can watch a recording of "Voting as Spiritual Practice"- a conversation we hosted between three religious leaders as they discussed how their religious traditions and practices inform their involvement in political and communal life.

Another example is "Social Justice Stations of the Cross," a meditative, interactive art exhibit constructed in spring 2021 to engage social justice concerns through the Christian story of Easter. View the exhibit as an example of how individuals and/or communities might utilize religious story, theology, and practice to educate and inspire around matters of social justice. PART ONE (intro - station 7), PART TWO (stations 8 - 12), PART THREE (station 13 - credits).

Workshops & Training

Program logo for "Islam 101" training that includes an Islamic mosaic design.

As part of the Interfaith Center's mission to equip and empower the UVM community to engage more comfortably and competently with spirituality and religion in our life and work on campus, we offer workshops and trainings to address religious pluralism, meaning making, religious literacy, and other topics. Email us if you are interested in scheduling some type of educational activity for your student organization, office, or department.

Interfaith Update (weekly)

The best way to stay updated with programs and events connected with the Interfaith Center, as well as the greater community, is to sign up to receive the weekly "Interfaith Update." Each Monday you'll receive an email message with a selection of spiritual and religious opportunities happening on-campus, in the Burlington community, and beyond.

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