1830 Young map
1830-1988 overlay maps
Surviving 1830 buildings
UVM Historic Preservation Program

Street Index

 Today - 1830
Bank Street (same)
Battery Street (shown as Water Street)
Cherry Street (same)
Church Street (same)
College Street (same)
Colchester Avenue
Elmwood Avenue (shown as Colchester Street)
King Street (shown as Pine Street)
Main Street (shown as Fayette Street)
Maple Street (shown as Wharf Street)
North Union Street (Essex Street)
North Street (same)
Park Street (shown as extension of Water Street)
Pearl Street (same)
Pine Street (shown as Ethan Street)
South Champlain Street (shown as Champlain Street)
South Union Street (not shown)
Saint Paul Street (shown as Charlotte Street)
Prospect Street (shown as Williston Street)
University Place (shown as High Street)
Willard Street (shown as Shelburne Street)
Williams Street (same)
Winooski Avenue (shown as White Street)
 1830 - Today
Bank Street (same)
Champlain Street (South Champlain Street)
Charlotte Street (now Saint Paul Street )
Cherry Street (same)
Church Street (same)
Clinton Street (not present)
Colchester Street (now Elmwood Avenue)
College Street (same)
Ethan Street (now Pine Street)
Essex Street (now North Union Street)
Fayette Street (Main Street)
Kent Street (not present)
North Street (same)
Pearl Street (same)
Peru Street (near Sherman Street)
Pine Street (now King Street )
Shelburne Street (now Willard Street)
South Street (not present)
High Street (now University Place)
Water Street (now Battery Street)
Wharf Street (now Maple Street)
White Street (now Winooski Avenue)
Williams Street (same)
Williston Street (now Prospect Street)

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