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Faculty and staff active in Geospatial Technologies (GST) span many UVM departments (Anthropology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Geology, Geography, and Natural Resources). They integrate teaching and research in GST to applied work in their disciplines. 


Meet Our Team



Area of Expertise

Paul BiermanRubenstein Schoolhuman/landscape interaction, climate change, science education and communication, science writing
Ernest(Ernie) BufordRubenstein School, UVM Spatial Analysis Labgeospatial analysis, conservation planning, geoprocessing automation, land cover mapping, biodiversity assessment, wildlife habitat modeling
Marieka Brouwer BurgAnthropology DepartmentGIS applications in anthropology, GIS and geospatial modeling, landscape and environmental archaeology
Meghan CopeGeography Departmentethnogoraphy, participatory mapping, archival research
Jarlath P.M. O'Neill-DunneRubenstein School, UVM Spatial Analysis Labgeospatial technology, urban tree canopy assessment, wildlife habitat mapping, land cover change detection, community health, water quality modeling
Robert EricksonComputer Science Departmentcomputer science, web development
Gillian GalfordRubenstein School, Gund Institute for Environmentenvironmental sustainability, ecosystems ecology, nitrogen and carbon cycling, greenhouse gases, remote sensing, ecosystems modeling, land-cover and land-use change, tropical agriculture
Lesley-Ann Dupigny-GirouxGeology Departmentclimate variability and change, historical climatology, climate literacy, servere weather hazards, drought, remote sensing. geographic information science
Ingrid NelsonGeography Departmentcritical GIS, participatory GIS(PGIS), cartography
Nicholas (Nico) PerdrialGeology Departmentmineralogy, contaminant transport, environmental geology, nanoparticles, mineral-bacteria interactions, archaeogeology
Jennifer PontiusRubenstein Schoolforest ecology and health, satellite remote sensing, GIS modeling, experimental design and statistical analyses
Shelly RaybackGeography Departmentbiogeography, paleoclimatology, dendrochronology, climate change
Donna RizzoDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering applied geostatistics, artificial neural networks
Brian VoigtRubenstein School, Gund Institute for Environmentquantitative spatial analysis, simulation modeling, natural hazards planning, policy, and risk assessment
Beverly Coghill- WempleGeography Departmentwater resources, geomorphology, GIS, spatial modeling, human-environment interactions, mountain environments