The Tool

The Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative developed the Oak Resiliency Tool in partnership with the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science and the Forest Stewards Guild. The tool enables natural resource professionals and landowners to assess the resiliency of oak forests and explore relevant adaptation actions. Users complete an assessment of the vulnerability and adaptability of their forest, and are then provided with a report in PDF format that rates their site as High, Moderate, or Low vulnerability with an attendant list of key considerations and potential management options that could increase oak resiliency. The outputs of this tool are designed to enable natural resource professionals to quickly and easily translate the various threats and opportunities related to oak forests to private family forest owners.

The Project

With support from the USDA Forest Service Landscape Scale Restoration Program, the Forest Stewards Guild is working with state agencies and non-profit partners in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts to increase resiliency in Southern New England's oak forests. Through collaborative initiatives, including a regional professional learning exchange, landowner stewardship summits, a hands-on resiliency assessment workshop, and synthesis and knowledge transfer, the Guild and partners aim to:

  • Increase forest stewardship activities that support oak resilience
  • Empower natural resource professionals with tools for assessing oak forest health
  • Build landowner awareness of regeneration challenges and solutions
  • Foster communication between states and agencies about strategies for addressing oak forest resilience and regeneration challenges


  • Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation Bureau of Forest Fire Control and Forestry (MA Forestry)
  • Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation Division of Water Supply Protection (Quabbin)
  • MassConn Sustainable Forest Partnership (MassConn)
Rhode Island
  • Providence Water Supply Board (Providence Water)
  • Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management Division of Forest Environment and Division of Fish and Wildlife (RI DEM)
  • Rhode Island Woodland Partnership (RIWP)
  • Sweet Birch Consulting, LLC
  • Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (CT DEEP)
  • Connecticut Forest & Park Association (CFPA)
  • The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES)
  • University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension Service (UConn)