Compare Forest Inventory Programs from Across the Northeast

Use the table below to compare how forest inventory programs across the Northeast can be used to assess key issues facing forests in the region, and access methodological details and commentary for each program. Click here to learn more about the development of this tool or download the full assessment spreadsheet.

Suitable Partially Suitable Not Suitable
Program Name Suitability Assessment
Species Composition Diameter Distribution Structure Volume, Biomass and Carbon Mortality and Ingrowth Merchantable Volume and product Valuation Sapling Composition and Density Sapling Mortality and Ingrowth Seedling Composition and Density Species Diversity Percent Cover Standing Dead (Snag) Density Snag Volume Snag Biomass/Carbon Coarse Woody Debris Volume Coarse Woody Debris Biomass/Carbon Fine Woody Debris Invasive Species Insects/Diseases Browse Tree Health