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Maple Sap Business Promotion

Interested in tapping into business opportunities in the woods? UVM Extension is developing financial tools and technical guidance to help you make decisions about maple sap business ventures. We are partnering with forest landowners and current or prospective producers to pilot economic assessment tools, develop business opportunities, and evaluate potential impacts of the carbon economy on sugarbushes and maple businesses.

If you would like to participate in this project or receive more information, contact Chris Lindgren, UVM Extension Forest Business Educator at or 802-656-7583 or 800-281-6977.

Also see the Maple Sap Business Promotion Program Information & Resource Sheet.


We are recruiting participants to work with UVM Extension Maple Business one-on-one!

If you are a maple sap producer, prospective producer, or a forest landowner you are invited to participate in the Maple Sap Business Promotion project. Extension Maple Business will work with you to assess the productive potential of your maple woods, create investment start-up budgets and perform cost of production analysis, to help you determine the feasibility of starting a sap operation.

Interested in participating? Complete this brief form or contact Chris Lindgren at

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