Posting Events to the Calendar

Information for events published in the Campus Calendar of Events is pulled from the EMS room scheduling system. This is the only way to enter events into the campus calendar.

Only those who have completed the training class or the online training will have access to EMS for submitting requests. Online training is available.

All events listed in the Campus Calendar are considered to be free and open to the public unless otherwise noted. University Communications reserves the right to edit event descriptions for brevity and format and to remove inappropriate events.

Reserving a space on campus does not add your event to the calendar unless you select the option for posting to the campus calendar.

If you are reserving space for an event you don't yet have the details for (i.e. the speaker needs to be confirmed), please note that you can access your entry to make it live on the calendar at any time (see "Updating/changing calendar information below"). Updating your entry when you have all the information is preferable to making an entry live with placeholder information like "TBD" in the event title or description.

Suggestions and clarifications

Event name: Choose something basic but descriptive, such as Biology Lecture Series, Music Department Concert or Career Services Workshop. You might choose to provide further information in the title when warranted, for example: Burack Lecture Series: James Douglas or Poetry Reading: Major Jackson.

Start and end time: Please be sure to use the precise time for the event. This is what will show up in the calendar. Do not include set-up and take-down time.You will have the opportunity to identify how much time you need for set up and taken down later in the process.

Space preference: Choose a space from the drop-down list.

If your event space is not on the list (because it is not reserved through Conference and Events Services), choose UVM Campus, Burlington or Beyond Burlington. Choosing these spaces is for calendaring purposes only; be sure you've secured the space reservation directly from your venue. When choosing UVM Campus, Burlington or Beyond Burlington, be sure to include the specific location in your description.

Note: you cannot double book a registrar classroom. If you are publicizing an event taking place during one of your regularly scheduled classes in your classroom, choose UVM Campus. This will allow you to make a calendar entry only for this event. Be sure to add the classroom location in the description. (Example description for such an entry: Hear Jon Kilik speak about his latest film in 107 Lafayette.)

University calendar information

The following information items are necessary for your event to appear on the Campus Calendar of Events:

Event category:

You must choose at least one of the event categories to activate the choice to submit to Campus Calendar and/or UVM Bored Calendar. These categories will filter the events into proper categories; you can select more than one category for your event.

Submit to the Campus Calendar of Events:

Your event will not appear on the calendar unless you check this box. Regular classes should not be included in the calendar, nor should events that happen daily or weekly.

Open to the public:

If you answer that your event is open to the public, please be sure that you have checked to have it appear on the campus calendar.

Calendar text

Type your short description here. Do not repeat the date, time, or location as these are taken from your reservation specifics. If you cut and paste from another source, please be advised: apostrophes, quotation marks and most language accents will not paste correctly. They will appear as question marks in your description. Just copy and paste and then delete the apostrophe or quotation mark and retype.

Fill in the event URL to bring people to a Web page of your marketing piece or flyer.

Contact for more information

Please provide an event information contact name, phone and e-mail address identifying someone who can answer questions about the event itself. It may or may not be the same as the first contact name. Use this format for phone numbers: (802) 656-2005.

Ticket price/cover charge

If there is no charge, type in the word "free"; if admission will be charged, use format $number, ie: $5. Limited character spacing is available in this field, so if your event has more than one price, just list the amounts, i.e. $5, $10, $15. Your website or contact can provide further details on pricing.

Note: If you are reserving multiple rooms for your event, mark only the main room to be entered in the calendar.

Check your work

The calendar will display your new listing after it updates at the top of the next hour. Remember to view your live entry and check for errors. The calendar can be viewed here:

Updating/changing calendar information

If you have submitted your space request and later need to change or add more calendar details, make your changes directly in EMS.

  • Log in to Virtual EMS.
  • Click on "Request" and then "View My Requests."
  • Click on link of the name of the event to be changed.
  • Click on the green + sign, under "Services"
  • Click "Additional Information" - in the gray bar, toward the right.
  • Click on "Edit Additional Information" at top of the list.
  • Make changes as needed, including description.
  • Save. Close small window.
  • Click link for "Back to Reservation Summary."

Your reservation summary will show the new information at the top of the next hour.

If you skipped over the calendar section when completing your space reservation but would now like it to appear in the campus calendar, you can do so by going back into your reservation in EMS.

  • Log in to Virtual EMS.
  • Click on "Request" and then "View My Requests."
  • Click on link of the name of the event to be changed.
  • Click on the green + sign, under "Services"
  • Click on University Calendar in the list of available services.
  • Fill in the data fields.
  • Save.

If your event has been canceled, do not delete your event. Always cancel. Deleting or canceling, however, does not remove the entry from the calendar. To remove your event from the calendar, log in to Virtual EMS and under "Publish to Campus Calendar," change Y (yes) to N (no).