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Theremin Workshop

Oct 19, 2023
3:00 pm to 4:15 pm
Music Bldg A200 (Recital Hall)

Rob Schwimmer, jazz pianist, composer, and thereminist extraordinaire, will demonstrate this amazing early electronic instrument and discuss its background and history. The theremin, originally conceived as an expressive classical electronic instrument, has played a key role in genres from film (as in the original Star Trek theme) to pop (as in the Beach Boys¿ ¿Good Vibrations¿).

Rob will also demonstrate the rare electronic instrument the Haken Continuum and his 1940¿s Ondioline.

For more information, contact David Feurzeig:

Price: Free
Sponsor: Lane Series

For more information, contact David Feurzei at 802-656-3040 or

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