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Ars Poetica: Art/Text/Context

Apr 1, 2023
8:00 am to 9:00 pm
Various - see schedule

Ars Poetica, ¿the Art of Poetry,¿ is not just the title of a crusty treatise about how to write a poem (composed by the Roman wordsmith Horace in 19 BCE). Word and image have been interacting since the dawn of civilization and continue their productive relationship today in a multitude of media. What began as Egyptian hieroglyphs and Chinese ideograms has burgeoned into a riot of color and form ranging from illustrated books and manuscripts to propaganda posters, Pop Art, comics and cartoons, even hyperlinks in cyberspace and multi-media extravaganzas autogenerated by AI. Each medium contains art and poetry all its own.

This two-day conference celebrates art, text, and context in many forms. The University of Vermont (UVM) and other Vermont authors and illustrators will discuss their collaborations on recently published books, including Dan Nott, Marek Bennett, and others. Artists and curators will articulate how text and image coproduce in their work through lectures, demonstrations, and special exhibitions at Silver Special Collections, Billings Library, the Fleming Museum, the Music Building Recital Hall, and a special performance held by the Lane Series. Faculty and student poets will perform recent work that explore the intersections of art and text.

The keynote address will be delivered by celebrated New Yorker cartoonist and best-selling author Harry Bliss.

Price: Free; registration required

For more information, contact UVM School of the Arts at 802-656-2014 or

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