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Ross Thompson Memorial Symposium

Mar 27, 2023
4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Jack & Shirley Silver Pavilion 142

How and why do people organize, challenge the state, and clamor for justice amidst extraordinarily different circumstances? In this talk, Janice Gallagher discusses her work over the past 15 years with people affected by violence and impunity in Latin America, highlighting the transformative journey of people affected by vioence into activists; the efforts and impacts of social movements in challenging injustice, and the role of the international citizen advocacy in supporting these efforts. Janice will discuss her recent book, Bootstrap Justice: The Search for Mexico's Disappeared (Oxford University Press, 2022) which focuses on citizens' response to the more than 85,000 people have disappeared in Mexico sionce since 2006. She argues that while top-down efforts, such as judicial reforms, technical assistance, and changes in political leadership are important parts of addressing impunity, policymakers and scholars alike have much to learn from the bottom-up--and by following the path that citizens themselves have worn within the labyrinth of state judicial bureaucracies.

Price: Free
Sponsor: A&S Dean' s Ofc

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