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"Is Fascism Returning?" Federico Finchelstein, New School for Social Research

Feb 17, 2023
3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
Jack & Shirley Silver Pavilion 142

In this lecture, Professor Finchelstein will be discussing the differences between fascism and populism and their relation to democratic procedures. The lecture will take a historical perspective by comparing past fascist attempts to deny the workings of democracy to current post-fascist and populist movements.

A key difference between populism and fascism is that, for populists, actual electoral results matter. By contrast, fascism implies permanent power, irrespective of the ballot box. But it still derives power and depends on the integrity of the electoral system. That is why populist leaders have long recognized the value of respecting electoral results, even if they came out on the losing end of the democratic process. But this distinction is beginning to fade. Does this mean that fascism is back? This lecture will provide a historical perspective to address this question.

Professor Finchelstein's visit is supported by the Henry and Lili Altschuler Endowment for Holocaust Studies.

For more information, contact Holocaust Studies at 802-656-3180 or

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