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CAS Lecture Series 22-23

Feb 2, 2023
4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Waterman Bldg 338 (Memorial Lounge)

Lecture with Geography and Geoscience Prof. Meghan Cope.

Space and places are socially constructed for the needs and desires of humans, so
geography is everywhere¿
¿ Spatial flows of labor, capital, materials, and information enable a global system of capital accumulation.
¿ Systemic racism, uneven development, segregation, mass incarceration, and loss of public spaces perpetuate social injustice and oppression.
¿ Cis-Het gender norms reinforce the production of spaces for patriarchal heteronormativity: homes, workplaces, public spaces, transport, schools, and `nature¿, are material and discursive sites of inequity and exploitation.

Power uses geography to perpetuate itself, but a critical spatial perspective can spark efforts of coalition, liberation, and community!

Price: Free
Sponsor: A&S Dean' s Ofc

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