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Tests (and Surveys)

Blackboard Tests and Surveys are on-line evaluation tools that can be used to measure student understanding of course material. Tests with multiple choice questions can be graded automatically, with the results appearing in the student's "My Grades" area. Surveys are not graded, however you can assign credit for taking the Survey and a check-mark appears to indicate it has been taken. Survey answers are always anonymous.

Tests provide another way for students to engage with the course materials and are flexible enough to be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used as pre- or post-lecture review, for reading response, or for general assessment. You may also provide Feedback for students to view during the Test, as well as feedback for right/wrong answers and comments for them to read after you grade the Test.

Things to consider

Blackboard provides several options related to how students will interact with the test. Tests can be taken one or more times, with or without time limits, and with completion mandatory. However, as Tests and Surveys are designed to be taken online, you should consider that some students may have less reliable network connections, and plan accordingly.

When student's take tests in Blackboard, unless they are in a room with a proctor, instructors should assume that the test is "open book" and possibly even taken with other students as a group activity. There are numerous settings that can make cheating difficult, but none of them are foolproof. For this reason, we don't recommend that tests be used for important, high-stakes exams but instead for quizzes and knowledge self-checks and study tools for the students.

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