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Collecting assignments with the Assignment Tool

What is the Assignment Tool?

The Assignment Tool has a very specific purpose and structure. It allows you to create a "drop box" for each assignment where students can submit their completed work.

Why use the Assignment Tool?

Assignments submitted online reduce paper use, are attached to a Grade Center column, are fully gradable online, can be associated with Rubrics for grading and to guide students.

Things to consider

The Assignment Tool automatically creates a column in the grade center, so it is not necessary to create manual columns for assignments.

Some instructors maintain a practice of keeping on file all their students' work including their comments (in Word). In the assignment tool there is a grading feature to make comments and leave feedback on the document for the students to see. There is also a way to download zip files of all documents to keep for your records, however, the files you download from Blackboard will be only the students' work and will NOT include your comments and feedback.

How to set up Assignments

See the How-to page for instructions.

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