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While it is possible to create every test question within Blackboard, there are some tools that simplify the process.

For several years, we've supported the Respondus test-building tool because that was the only alternative available, but setting it up is complicated and it's a Windows-only application.

We now recommend a few other tools that are free and online. They will convert questions from a specifically formatted Word document into a file that can be uploaded to the Blackboard test tool.

There are a few variations of these test generators on the web which we've compared below, but for the sake of simplicity, we have chosen to promote one version hosted by Algonquin College.

» See how to use the Algonquin tool

Compare Other Test Generating Tools
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Note:These generator sites are created, updated, and controlled by their respective organizations. As such, they may be removed or changed at any time. The contact information they supply is for use by their own organization.

Algonquin College (CTL how-to) Direct to Blackboard Method
Available Question Types Multiple Choice
Multiple Answer
You can create and format your Test/Pool questions in Word or Excel without using a Test Generator. This method allows for all question types.
File Type Creates either .zip (for Pool questions) or .txt (for Test questions). Save the .docx or .xlsx file as a tab-delimited text file (.txt).
Bb area used May be uploaded to Pools or Tests. To import as a Pool, choose Pools: Import Pool. To upload questions into a Test, create the Test, then use the “Upload Questions” button. Complete instructions for using this method by formatting a Word document Complete instructions for using this method by formatting an Excel spreadsheet

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