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Blackboard Ally: Can I see all the files that Ally has analyzed in my course?

May 16, 2019 [snippet] Bb Ally analyzes all your files in Blackboard and rates their level of accessibility so you can fix the files one at a time. But what if you have files spread across many places in your course? Is there an easier way to find and fix them without having to hunt and peck through all the nooks and crannies?

Yes.   Continue reading…

Blackboard Ally: Helping You Create Accessible Documents

March 5, 2019 [snippet] We, as a University, work to be inclusive and to ensure that all our students can access the materials they need. And let’s face it: we also want to be sure that we are meeting federal guidelines. To do so we need to create accessible documents. Enter Ally for Blackboard! Continue reading…