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Note: This tool is no longer supported at UVM. While it may function normally in some cases, further evaluation of the associated tools has shown significant problems and delay in processing submitted materials. Documents submitted to Bb's SafeAssign servers for processing have taken upwards of hours and days to complete. As this behavior has gone on over the course of several months, we can no longer support or recommend this tool for use in your course.

UVM's version of Blackboard comes with SafeAssign, a plagiarism detection tool. This tool is primarily useful as a way to scan large numbers of student submissions for possible citation or plagiarism issues however it does not provide deeper pedagogical value, such as useful feedback to students on proper citation usage.

With those and other limitations in mind, it is not turned on by default and must be turned on at the course-level by instructors interested in using it.

To do this, go to "Customization" in the Control Panel of your course. In that sub-menu, choose "Tool Availability." Scroll down to SafeAssign and check it off in the two places shown in this image.:

screenshot of course tool availability section

For information on how to use this tool, see this page on Blackboard's Help site.

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