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Date Management

You can use the date management feature to update content dates when you copy or restore a course from a previous term or calendar year. Date types include due dates, availability, and adaptive release dates related to the course content.

Adjusting dates in your course

Three Notes of Caution
  1. The en masse features of the Date Management tool are best used when the course is being taught on the same number of meeting dates and the same days of the week (e.g., M/W/F or T/TH) as the course from which it is being copied.
  2. The en masse features of the Date Management tool do not have the ability to calculate for weekends, holidays, leap years, etc.
  3. The Date Management tool will not adjust dates that are written as text.
How to do it

To find the Date Management tool, go to the Control Panel > Course Tools. On the Date Management page, you’ll be presented with 3 options for adjusting dates:

  1. By course start date (adjusts all dates en masse)
  2. By number of days (adjusts all dates en masse)
  3. By a list of dates (you manually adjust dates per item or groups of items)
Adjusting dates by start date:

If you choose this option, you will enter the start date of the old course (called the “current start date”) and the start date of the new course (called “new”). Use the course start dates, not the term start dates. Blackboard will then automatically calculate the difference between the dates and adjust items accordingly. This feature moves all dates en masse.

For example, if using Course Start Date, say the original course started September 1 with an assignment due September 26. The assignment is due 25 days after the start date. If you adjust the new start date to January 12, the assignment is now due February 6, which is 25 days after the new start date.

Adjusting dates by number of days:

This option allows you to move all dates forward or backward by a certain number of dates (manually calculated). To move dates forward use a positive number (e.g., 30), and to move dates backward use a negative number (e.g., -30).

For example, to shift dates by number of days, let’s say that on June 1, you adjust dates by 30 days. The assignment that was due September 1 is now due October 1.

Adjusting by a list of dates:

To view all items that could be edited using the Date Management tool (and then to adjust them manually), choose the option to adjust by list of dates. Follow the onscreen instructions (Submit, Next). From the list, you can edit an individual item (click the pencil icon at the far right of an item) or you can select multiple items and use the Adjust Dates button.

What Dates will be Affected?

The Date Management tool can adjust dates for the following tools/areas:

  • Availability and due dates for tests, surveys, and assignments
  • Availability dates for tools (such as discussions, blogs, journals, and announcements) and content (such as items, files, and audio)
  • Due dates for manual grade columns

Content that comes from textbook publishers (except material imported via an archive/export file) cannot be adjusted with the date management tool.

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