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Adding Media to Blackboard

(Note: If you are still hosting video or audio on the older "Media Manager," be aware that UVM has transitioned to the newer system, UVM Streaming Media. The Media Manager will eventually be closed.)

UVM Streaming Media is the current platform for hosting your media and embedding it in Blackboard. It is a "true" streaming delivery method, similar to YouTube.

To Embed the media in Blackboard:

STEP 1: Copy the embed code. To do this, you have had to upload your video to UVM Streaming Media (or YouTube), clicked "Share" and copy the code to embed.

STEP 2: In Blackboard:

  1. Go to the content area page you wish to embed the video (with Edit Mode on)
  2. Click Build Content, choose Item, and enter the title of the media, e.g. Lecture 1
  3. BEFORE you paste the embed code which you copied above, you must toggle to the HTML view (See image below) This will open a pop-up window.
  4. toggling to HTML mode
  5. Paste the copied embed code into the pop-up window and click Submit
    (IMPORTANT NOTE: The media code that you're embedding typically begins with "<iframe src="https://..." and you'll notice that there is an 's' after the http. The 's' stands for 'secure' and it is necessary in order for Blackboard to display the media. If you are pasting embed code from a source other than UVM Streaming or YouTube, and it only has an 'http:', you'll need to add the 's' to the code so it reads as 'https'.)
Why not just upload media into Blackboard?

Since media files are large, they should not be uploaded into to a course; doing so can make your course backups less stable and sometimes they can't be exported. Instead, media should be uploaded to an external media site, such as UVM Streaming Media or YouTube and then linked in Blackboard.

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