Spring 2023 Course Syllabi for Physics and Astronomy

CourseCourse Title & Syllabus LinkInstructor
PHYS 012 AElementary Physics Section ADr. Luke Donforth
PHYS 012 BElementary Physics Section BJason Pepe
PHYS 013Conceptual PhysicsJason Pepe
PHYS 022Introductory Lab IIDr. Varuni Seneviratne
PHYS 031 APhysics for Engineers I Section ADr. Luke Donforth
PHYS 031 BPhysics for Engineers I Section BMalcolm Sanders
PHYS 031 CPhysics for Engineers I Section CMalcolm Sanders
PHYS 096Conceptual Physics LabDr. Varuni Seneviratne
PHYS 152Fundamentals of Physics IIMatthew White
PHYS 211MechanicsMalcolm Sanders
PHYS 265Thermal PhysicsDr. Varuni Seneviratne
PHYS 274/362Quantum Mechanics II / Applications of QMValeri Kotov
PHYS 301Mathematical PhysicsDennis Clougherty
PHYS 341Solid State PhysicsDennis Clougherty
ASTR 005Exploring the CosmosJohn Perry
ASTR 153Moons and PlanetsJohn Perry