• San Diego Zoo senior zookeeper Lindsey King graduated with her B.S. in Animal Science in 2004 and has dedicated her career to supporting animal well-being and conservation efforts around the world.

  • Read how Matt Buder Shapiro '12 launched a fast-growing Cleveland-based medical tech startup.

  • Nutrition & food sciences alum Arealles Ortiz '15 makes getting the right nutrients and eating local, organic fruits and vegetables easy with her colorful plant-based popsicle company Curly Girl Pops. Read her story.



No matter where you are in the world, you’ll find College of Agriculture & Life Sciences alumni changing it for the better. Our students graduate with the skills to tackle the complex problems of our time – climate change, food security, biosecurity, cities and global development, gender equality and global health. A degree from CALS sets you up to be successful in a multifaceted career in today's increasingly complex and changing fields.

Watch the video below to see where some of our graduates are making their mark.


Where Recent Grads Have Landed

Mo Whitney '19, Animal Science | Shelburne Farms

"While at UVM, I gained a lot of knowledge about how to manage a herd, which is invaluable to me."

Weeks after graduating with her a B.S. in Animal Science, Mo Whitney started her new job as assistant herdsman and calf manager at Shelburne Farms. In this role, Mo spends her days managing a herd of Brown Swiss cows. While at UVM, she served as president of the UVM Dairy Club and was part of CREAM (Cooperative for Real Education in Agricultural Management) gaining knowledge and skills that she uses in her job every day. During her senior year, she spent a semester at the Miner Agricultural Research Institute in Chazy, New York gaining immersive experience in advanced dairy management.

Explore Animal Science Careers

Mariah McGough '17, Public Communication | Everytown for Gun Safety

"Without a doubt, I wouldn't be where I am right now without the way that I was taught about communications at UVM."

Mariah McGough ’17 was a high school senior in the town neighboring Newtown, Connecticut when the unthinkable massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School occurred.

Now a communications assosicate for Everytown for Gun Safety, a New York City-based nonprofit, she works with volunteers and families touched by gun violence, helping them share their personal stories with the media in the hopes of affecting change in gun violence legislation. McGough credits her public communication major at UVM, and in particular a course on socially responsible marketing, as a key influence in her nonprofit career.

Public Communication Alumni Videos

Eric Grunfeld '19, Community Entrepreneurship | Plugged In

“During my time studying Community Entrepreneurship at UVM, I asked myself all the time: how can I make the greatest impact on society?”

About six months before graduating from UVM, Eric Grunfeld ‘19 launched his start-up company, Plugged In, whose mision is to put an end to distracted driving. Since then, he has been working on his technology, which hopes eventually to sell to automobile insurance companies to prevent distracted driving.

Pictured here, Grunfeld is getting advice from his mentor and fellow UVM alum Christine Landon, with whom he was matched with via the UVM Mentoring Network. The network taps into a network of industry experts and matches them with those in need.

Mariah Noth '17, Community & International Development | Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program

"UVM was a wonderful and supportive place to explore, and this program was an applied version of all of my passions combined.”

Born and raised in Vermont, Mariah Noth ’17 is a strong advocate for her home state. Having graduated with a B.S. in community and international development and a minor in food systems, Mariah now works as the outreach and communications coordinator for the Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program. There she helps connect Vermont working lands businesses and citizens with expertise and advising to empower entrepreneurs and strengthen the state’s rural communities.

While at UVM, she took advantage of travel study courses to Peru, Italy and Brazil, which she says expanded her knowledge and understanding of different perspectives and influences the work she does every day.

Victoria Primavera '18, Molecular Genetics | Plum Island Animal Disease Center

"The capability to do research as a UVM undergrad is unparalleled in other programs."

Having graduated with a double major in molecular genetics and animal science, Victoria Primavera ’18 is now developing vaccines for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security at Plum Island’s Animal Disease Center. She says the courses she took at UVM, as well as lab research, prepared her well for the challenging work she does today.

Primavera cites her experience in UVM professor Matt Wargo’s lab as the “single most beneficial thing I could have done in terms of understanding project development, troubleshooting, and how research works.”

Miles Danis '20, Microbiology | Drexel University

When he wasn't studying or in class, Miles Danis '20 spent much of his time at the UVM Medical Center where he served as a mental health technician working with psychiatric patients in the Emergency Department. He first got his start in the department as part of UVM’s Emergency Medicine Research Associate Program, which provides training and support for students who help enroll patients in ongoing clinical trial research. Both experiences were instrumental in preparing him for graduate school. He's currently studying to become physician's assistant at Drexel University.

Alex Doty '19, Nutrition & Food Sciences | AeroFarms

“Food sciences are applicable to everything and give you options. I wouldn’t be here without the experiences I had at UVM.”

Alex Doty ’19 knew that he liked engineering and working with his hands when he came to UVM, but he didn’t know that he would end up as a nutrition and food sciences major.

Today, he’s a researcher at AeroFarms, the world’s largest aeroponic, pesticide- free vertical farm that supplies greens to supermarkets and restaurants around New York City. Doty credits his UVM academic courses, internships at Rhino Foods and Cabot Creamery, and research experience working in UVM plant biologist Jill Preston’s lab with helping him dive deeply into the field of food sciences and launch his career.

Casey Seiden '11, Dietetics, Nutrition & Food Sciences | Institute for Family Health

“Working with the diabetes support group is one of the most rewarding and impactful parts of my job. I love building relationships and being able to help individuals track and meet their goals.”

Casey Seiden, RD, starts most of her days counseling people on diabetes, heart disease, weight loss and general nutrition as an outpatient dietitian at the Institute for Family Health in New York City. Based primarily in the Bronx, Casey spends most of her time speaking Spanish with her patients and bilingual doctors.

She credits a UVM study abroad experience in Oaxaca, Mexico with providing her with the foundational skills, as well as a deep love and respect, for the Spanish language.

Shelby Doggett '14, Ecological Agriculture/Agroecology | What Cheer Flower Farm

"UVM added fuel to my passion for agriculture and its undeniable impact on the community. While the classes gave me the science, my professors, peers, and mentors gave me the guidance to take my knowledge into the world and make a difference."

Shelby Doggett ’14 has a passion for agriculture and education. In 2017, she co-founded What Cheer Farm, a nonprofit cut-flower farm in Providence, Rhode Island in order to grow, rescue and give away flowers to underserved people, including in hospitals and hospices, at-risk youth, and people in recovery centers and shelters.

Her efforts earned her recognition as a “Rhode Islander of the Year” by Rhode Island Monthly.

Kaitlin Thomas '09, Sustainable Landscape Horticulture | Youth Garden Project

"I realized my passion was teaching people about plants and sharing that excitement and enthusiasm. I don't think I would have come to that conclusion had I not had the experience that I had in CALS."

Kaitlin Thomas discovered her interest in teaching as a Teaching Assistant for PSS 010: Home & Garden Horticulture. Today, she is executive director of the Youth Garden Project in Moab, Utah, which aims to cultivate healthy children, families and community through educational programs. In this administrative role, she supports the furthering of garden-based programs that connect all ages with food from seed to table.

Owen Hudson '18, Plant Biology | University of Georgia

"I wouldn't be where I am without the Plant Biology Department at UVM."

Owen Hudson ‘18, now a graduate student in plant pathology at the University of Georgia, says that his current research on fungicide resistance stems directly from the work he did as an undergraduate plant biology major at UVM. “I’m building off the foundation I got at UVM every day,” he says. “Often I am the only person in the department who is able to connect and draw further conclusions to other work or subjects based on the diverse background that I got in plant biology.”

Olivia Peña '17 G '18, Food Systems | Hunger Free Vermont

“Now is a great time to be involved in the food system. We need more people to work collectively to find solutions.”

Olivia Peña ’17 G ‘18 was the first graduate of UVM’s food systems accelerated master’s program, which enables students to earn both a B.S. and M.S. in food systems in five years. As a food security specialist at Hunger Free Vermont, she focuses on helping low-income Vermonters access more and better food through 3SquaresVT (nationally known as SNAP) and other federal nutrition assistance programs.

While at UVM, she worked on several local and global food projects, including working with UVM Dining to increase locally sourced food, a service-learning project in Kenya, and an internship in Senator Patrick Leahy’s office.

Niveditha Badrinarayanan ‘19, Biochemistry | University of Vermont

"UVM gave me everything I need to become a doctor."

Niveditha Badrinarayanan ‘19 knew her path after shadowing a physician in high school. Research opportunities and UVM’s Larner College of Medicine, where she’s currently a medical student, drew her to UVM from Chennai, India. In her four years, the biochemistry major and pharmacology minor worked in a lab examining human mesothelioma; plus, she was a resident advisor, trained tutors at the Career Center, and volunteered in pediatrics, which earned her an award from the Mosaic Center for Students of Color.

Stefanie Geiger '18, Biological Science | Seattle Children's Research Hospital

“The best thing UVM has given me is a strong foundation for starting my job and good connections.”

As a research scientist at Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Stefanie Geiger ‘18 is working with a team of immunology researchers on treatments for children with cancer. Her time conducting undergradaute research with Dr. Bryan Ballif in UVM’s Department of Biology equipped her with the skills and techniques that she uses every day in her current job.

Ethan Bellavance '12, Environmental Sciences | Efficiency Vermont

“I use my environmental science degree to save the planet."

As a senior energy consultant for Efficiency Vermont, Ethan Bellavance ‘12 (left) manages commercial and industrial energy projects across Vermont and nationwide. Studying environmental sciences in UVM’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences gave him a holistic sense of environmental science and its application in agriculture. “I was able to use that as a springboard into.agricultural energy efficiency and then energy efficiency as a whole,” he says.

of CALS 2017-19 graduates were employed or continuing their education within 6 months of graduating.



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